MBA Programme aims to:

(a) Promote knowledge and develop research in related scientific areas of Business Administration, in the fields of Strategic Management, Financial Management and Marketing.

(b) Provide with all necessary high quality knowledge for the development of specialized administrative staff, capable of working in all kinds of businesses in the private and public sector.

(c) Develop an entrepreneurial mindset which fully meets the requirements of the international market dynamics.

(d) Create executives with all necessary abilities and virtues, in order to contribute to the development of greek businesses and greek economy in general.

Tuition goals

Upon graduating the Programme, the student will be able to:

  • Describe and analyze any kind of corporate economic issue.
  • Take actual part in the financial administraton of businesses and organizations.
  • Critically implement economic principles in various corporate issues.
  • Use a strategic approach in finacial problems, planning practical solutions which rely on theoretical principles.
  • Examine and evaluate the impact of Information Technology on any economic aspect.
  • Expand his/her personal skills of communication, presentation, research and problem solution.
  • Unify the functions of Economics and Information Technlogy and use them as tools for the solution of financial problems.