Students, in order to graduate the Program and receive their Master in Business Administration, must accomplish their Master Thesis. This Thesis is a complete essay on a particular subject of Management, (between 15,000 and 20,000 words), assigned to 27 ECTS.

Master Thesis will give the students the opportunity to deeply investigate a topic of their own preference and develop their research, analytical and writing skills. They will also be able to assess themselves in the application of theoretical principles on actual corporate issues.

At the beginning of the second semester, each academic tutor of the Program announces 4 – 5 research proposals and at the end of the semester students are obliged, after consultation with the tutor(s), to prepare their research proposal regarding the topic of the Thesis. At this point they are assigned to a supervisor for its proper accomplishment, who is an academic tutor of the Program.

During the third (full time) or sixth (part time) semester, students must work on their thesis by retrieving bibliographic resources, designing the Thesis’ structure, planning relevant questionnaires, if necessary, etc.