I welcome you to the Post-graduate Programme “Master in Business Administration – Executive MBA”, organized by the Department of Management Science and Technology of the School of Economics and Business in the International Hellenic University (IHU).

The main objectives of the Programme are the following:

  • The education and preparation of business executives, who are already working in SMEs or public service organizations, with the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and values for contributing to the effective and efficient growth of their organization and, consequently, to the boost of the whole Greek economy.
  • Promotion of knowledge and research on the cognitive knowledge area of Business Administration.
  • Offer of advanced knowledge for the development of specialized scientists and future executives, able to run all kinds of businesses and organizations of the public and private sector, at the strategic or operational level, equipped with all modern trends, methods and techniques on business management, and information and communication technologies.
  • Preparation and development of specialized and skilful young businessmen/entrepreneurs with a modern entrepreneurial mindset based on innovative ideas and a high sense of extroversion to respond quickly and effectively to an uncertain global business environment.

The Programme has been organized and formulated in such a way as to satisfy your professional needs by following all the required academic and professional standards specifically set for MBAs by international education organizations.

The academic staff of the MBA consists of professors with extensive professional experience in managing private and public organizations, as well as extensive experience in management research and teaching in post-graduate programmes.

Our graduates have many career opportunities in organizations of the private and public sector all over Europe.

All these characteristics lead to a post-graduate MBA Programme that produces well-equipped, modern and dynamic managers who have the knowledge, skills and competencies to lead effectively and efficiently any type of organization in the private and public sector.


The Director of the Programme,
Assoc. Prof. Georgios Theriou