You have reached the official website of Post Graduate Programme “Master in Business Administration – Executive MBA”, held in International Hellenic University (IHU), by the corresponding Department of Management Science and Technology.

General description

The Programme aims to attract high quality candidates who wish to develop their managerial skills as executives of enterprises and organizations.

The Programme offers the opportunity of full-time and part-time attendance. Full-time option is mainly suitable for candidates who have recently graduated from their bachelor studies and have little or no working experience in the field of Business Administration, whereas part-time option suits candidates who are already active staff of enterprises and organizations.

A key-factor for the Programme is the application of theoretical concepts of Business Administration into practical aspects of the field. For that reason teaching focuses on case studies and is enhanced by the participation of experienced business executives in the teaching procedures, apart from the academic tutors, by means of lectures and discussions. This results in creating the proper background in order to diffuse knowledge and students to develop their critical thinking. Other techniques such as business games, interaction with state-of-the-art business computer software and projections of multimedia material are also utilized by the Programme, in order to familiarize students with the practical application of the aspects of Business Administration.